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Making requests

API Versions


Required Params

Any POST & PUT requests should have Content-Type header with application/json value. Otherwise, you will get an HTTP error 500 (UnknownError).

Authorization & Authentication

Most API methods require specifying an API token within Authorization header. Example:

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Token' --data-raw '{"servers":100}'

Where Token is your key.

Getting an API key

Follow these steps to get an API key:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on settings icon.
  3. Click on API tab.
  4. Click on Generate button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Copy your key. This token is valid only for bots and servers owned by the account that generated it

Rate Limits


If you exceed the request limit, you will be temporarily blocked. In case of abuse, you can get a permanent lock to the resource.

Global rate limit is 25 requests per 10 seconds. If you exceed this limit, you will receive HTTP error 429.


{  "ok": true,  "result": {    // some data....  }}

Error codes

0InternalServerErrorInternal server error
2NotFoundNot found
5BadRequestBad request
6RpcErrorRpc error
7WsErrorWebsocket error
8UnknownErrorUnknown error
9ThirdPartyFailThird party failed
10UnknownUserUnknown user
11ShortLinkTakenShort link was already taken
12UnknownShortDomainUnknown short domain
13UnknownLibraryUnknown library
14TokenInvalidToken invalid
15UnknownResourceUnknown resource
16UnknownTagUnknown tag
17PermissionDeniedPermission denied: lack of permissions
18UnknownCommentUnknown comment
19UnknownBotUnknown bot
20UnknownServerUnknown server
21UnknownBadgeUnknown badge
22UserAlreadyHasABadgeUser already has a badge
23InvalidInviteCodeInvalid invite code
24ServerAlreadyExistsServer already exists
25BotNotPresentOnQueueServerBot is not present on queue server
26UnknownUpUnknown up
27TooManyUpsToo many ups
28InvalidStatusInvalid status
29UnknownReportUnknown report
30UnsupportedMediaTypeUnsupported media type
31UnknownApplicationUnknown application
32AutomatedRequestsNotAllowedAutomated requests are not allowed
33InvalidRatingInvalid rating
34DuplicateBotBot already exists
35CannotDetectIpCannot detect requester ip. Looks like network is not configured properly
36ThirdPartyMonitoringFailThird party monitoring is not available
37ThirdPartyMonitoringNotApprovedThird party monitoring is not approved your application
38TurnstileErrorUnknown turnstile captcha error
39ServiceConfiguredIncorrectlyService is configured incorrectly. Please contact support
40UnknownBoostUnknown boost
41BoostExpiredBoost expired
42AlreadyCommentedCannot post a review twice
43ReviewRatingsConflictServer<->Server conflict in the rating. Comment in DB has too high rating
44TooManyConsecutiveMessagesToo many consecutive messages in chat.
45NoServiceBotNo service bot
46AlreadyReportedAlready reported
47CannotDeleteOwnerCannot delete owner from developers
48BlockedBotBot is blocked, unblock it first
49UnknownAutomationUnknown automation
50OnlyOwnerCanAddServerOnly owner can add server
51ReviewReportedReview has not solved report
52LowPremiumLevelThe premium level is too low
53CaptchaServiceUnavailableCaptcha service is unavailable
54InvalidCaptchaAnswerInvalid captcha answer
55ResourceNotOwnedResource is not owned by token owner
56ResourceFetchTimeoutResource fetch in rate limit
57CannotFetchOwnerCannot fetch owner
58TooManyCaptchaAttemptsToo many captcha attempts
59EmptyReviewCannot send empty review


Resource status in BotiCord search

0HiddenStaff-only availability
1PublicPublicly available
2BannedStaff-only availability + any interactions disabled
3PendingThe moderators are checking the resource


Resource rating

countnumberRatings count
ratingnumberRating value (1-5)