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Anybody can contribute to the project. To do this, you must follow these rules:


  1. All changes must be clearly described in the Commit and Pull Request;
  2. Behave decently. Do not use profanity and do not insult other project participants;
  3. It is advisable to use the English language, as it is an international language.


  • main - production branch
  • dev - development branch


There are no clear rules for commits, but there are a few recommendations:


  1. Changed text ❌ The commit does not describe why the text was changed, where.
  2. chore(Faq): Added additional answer to the question ✅ Perfect!


Documentation must be written in English language. Docusaurus is used to write documentation.

I am a developer of a library for your API, how do I add it to your documentation?

To do this, create a fork of the repository, add the necessary documentation using Markdown formatting and send a Pull Request to our repository. To be in the documentation as a separate page, be sure to transfer repository ownership to the organization

Template for the library documentation page:

title: Library name
description: Basic documentation for the Name library
slug: /sdk/name

<library description>

Template for Pull Request:

Added information about the library <library name>

Language: <programming language>
Library: <library name>

<library description>

Link to repository: <link to repository>

Link to documentation: <link to documentation>

Link to author: <link to author>


We use Crowdin for translation. If you want to help with the translation, then follow the link.